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Inlon Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1984, by its founder Mr Joe Jardim, when he established the importation, assembly and distribution of the Universal Farmliner tractors of Romania. Mr Jardim created the trademark 'Farmliner' under which the Universal tractors are sold in Australia and focussed on ensuring the build quality and finish was suitable for the tough Australian conditions and to the standards that Aussie farmers deserved in a budget product. As a result, for many years, the Farmliner 445 was the highest selling 45 horsepower tractor in the Australian market - a truly remarkable achievement.

Interestingly, because the tractors were imported in a knocked down form and then assembled, painted and underwent extensive testing and quality control at Inlon, including the addition of several Australian sourced components; the Farmliner had the highest Australian content of any other tractor on the market.

However, Joe Jardim's involvement in tractors and farm machinery goes back a long way to the 1950's when he was a Ferguson distributor in the country of British Guiana (British colony in South America). His appreciation of farmers and farm machinery grew out of the golden era of tractors as they mechanised farming around the world.
Joe immigrated to Australia in 1970 and joined Massey Ferguson in Sunshine, Victoria and rose into sales and marketing positions. Eventually moving to NSW to work with a dealer/distributor owned by the Dalgety group. Joe Jardim was instrumental in the introduction of the Farmliner tractors to Australia while working for the Dalgety owned subsidiary. However, the company's changing focus saw an opportunity to start his own company once again.
1984 INLON commences
From humble beginnings, the company soon established itself as offering honest and tough value-for-money tractors. From the steep farming country in northern NSW, and further north into Queensland, to market gardeners in the Sydney basin and Victoria, the Farmliner in its various forms established itself.
The tractor's Fiat heritage made it easily recognisable to Aussie farmers and it was a solid and affordable favourite for small and hobby farms around the country. To this day, the Farmliner is still available in Australia and supported by Inlon. It is ironic that through a period of such significant change to the likes of Ford, Fiat and International; the Farmliner has stayed the same, strong and stable product.
1986 MITSUIBISHI Tractors
Inlon introduced the Mitsuibishi range of compact tractors to Australia. The Japanese made range of quality compact tractors proved to be very reliable in Australian conditions. To this date, Inlon still provides Mitsuibishi tractors parts to their Australian owners.
Inlon expanded into a line of budget priced compact tractors from Daedong of Korea which were marketed under the Farmliner brand. This was the first substantial introduction into Australia of a Korean tractor and showed great promise until supply problems from Korea eventually lead to the cessation of its importation to Australia by Inlon in 1992.

1989 Moves to a home of its own
Inlon moves into its purpose built premises set on 5 acres in the semi-rural area of Ourimbah on the NSW Central Coast. 
The property provides excellent capacity to expand with the growing business and is minutes from the major east-coast F3 freeway between Sydney and Brisbane.

1991 LANDINI Tractors
Inlon became the Landini tractor distributor for Australia and was the first to introduce the brand to Australia in its own right. At the time, some MF branded product was being manufactured by Landini.
Inlon quickly established an impressive market share through a rapidly growing dealer network. However, once the influence of the AGCO shareholding in Landini came to bear, AGCO Australia took over Landini's distribution in Australia in 1994.

This change to distribution gave Inlon an opportunity to move to a truly innovative, performance driven and fully-featured range of Italian made tractors in Lamborghini.

1994 LAMBORGHINI Tractors
In December 1994 Inlon became the Australian wide distributor of the Italian manufactured Lamborghini tractors. 
Lamborghini tractors is part of the Same Deutz-Fahr Group, and although Same and Deutz had a long presence in Australia of over 30 years, Lamborghini was a relative newcomer.

Lamborghini, world renowned for its vineyard/orchard specialist tractors; offer a range from 25hp to 200hp - superb product for every farming application.
1997 SIP Hay Tools
Inlon expands into hay tools with the introduction into Australia of the Slovenian made SIP range of fodder mowers, tedders and rakes. Although a new name to Australia, SIP is well known in Europe and manufactures mowers and rakes for several well-known major European hay brands. SIP is the largest agricultural manufacturer in Slovenia.

1997 Farmtrac Tractors from Escorts of India
The former Ford factory in India was now able to sell tractors under its own mark and this became "Farmtrac"

The heritage of the reliable and basic featured tractors were easily recognised and quickly gained market acceptance.

1999 BOMFORD TURNER Reach Mowers
The UK manufacturer of reach mowers is a world leader in this class of product. Available in Australia for many decades, the 'Turner' name is well recognised by councils and shires across the country. In 1999 Inlon was invited to distribute the product in Australia after several years of poor representation.

In May 2000 the company's founder Mr Joe Jardim passed away after a brief battle with cancer. Joe was survived by his wife Lolita, two daughters and son Jim (Managing Director).

2001 New Warehouse
To accommodate the growing business needs, Inlon builds a new warehouse. The major investment provides the much needed workspace for the new product lines that were to soon follow.
2002 CELLI Cultivation
Inlon became the national distributor of the Italian made Celli range of rotary hoes and power harrows in a merger with the then subsidiary of the Italian owned company.
Celli has been the trusted name in rotary hoes in Australia for over 30 years and Inlon is proud to have such a leading product in its stable.
2002 BERTI Agricultural and Forestry Mulchers
As part of the Celli Australia merger, the extensive range of mulchers by the Italian manufacturer Berti became part of the Inlon range.
2003 GRILLO Grounds Care Range
Inlon expands into a range of Italian made and innovative grounds care machinery. The Grillo name is well recognised in their line of walk behind rotary hoes that have been sold in Australia for many years. However, the Inlon focus was to include the various Grillo mower and professional grounds care products.
2003 QUICKFIT Front End Loaders
Inlon ventured into manufacturing as it acquired the Front End Loader manufacturer QuickFit Loaders of Bomaderry, NSW. QuickFit had been a family owned company for 18 years and had successfully established its product as honest, tough and great value.
The owners, Peter and Robyn Fitzgerald were to retire, however, Scott Fitzgerald moved with the company to join Inlon as the Operations Manager.
Inlon enters into a sponsorship arrangement with Australian marathon swimmer Susie Maroney. Susie subsequently features on a number of Inlon advertisements and goes on a country tour visiting Lamborghini owners and after dinner speaking at owner functions. Inlon is the first Australian tractor distributor to feature a personality in advertising.
2005 Shibaura Tractors
Inlon is appointed the Australian distibutor of the Japanese range of compact and garden tractors. Shibaura had been distributed in Australia for over 30 year, 10 of those years by Case IH of Australia.
2007 Spider Slope Mower
Inlon is appointed the Australian distibutor of the Spider Slope Mower. This unique mower is made by the Dvorak company of the Czech Republic. In 2006, the Spider won the coveted German Red Dot Design award for its class. The radio-controlled self-propelled mower works on slopes up to 55 degrees.
In a brief 23 years, Inlon has grown and diversified making it a trusted part of the Australian farm machinery scene. For certain, the company will continue to grow and service Australian farmers with exciting, innovative and value-for-money product into the future.

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