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    Company Mission

    Provide Aussie Farmers with honest Value-for-money Product and Support
    Question: In a highly-competitive market, dominated by multinationals, how does a small family-owned company survive, thrive and grow?
    Answer: By understanding its customers and getting on with the job.

    People in small family-owned companies have a particular commitment to what they do and they understand the needs of others in similar situations. The reality is that many of Inlon's customers are also small family-owned farming businesses that likewise face market challenges created by major players; whether it be suppliers or customers. And as farmers are subject to the favours of the seasons and weather, so to is the farm machinery business; because while ever farmers are doing it tough, they can't afford to upgrade their working machinery. It is this affinity with our customers that give us an appreciation of what needs to be done to support them and earn their trust.

    In the great tradition of Aussie farming; once you know what has to be done - you get on and do it.

    Jim Jardim
    Managing director

    Inlon Staff